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Life is too short for not having fun, right? That is the reason, we gleefully run Affair Dating, designed specifically for affair finding so that open-minded adults can easily have all the fun they wished for! After all, the daily rigmarole of everyday life does get to us; the same routine day in and day out, ugh, who doesn’t want some spice in our lives? With Affair Dating, you are assured of all the fun you could possibly wish for – and then some more! At the very core of Affair Dating is the discretion that comes with it. After all, if you are otherwise in what society perceives as a blissfully wedded life, you do not want such perceptions to be altered, do you? With Affair Dating, that is never a concern. Further, besides discreet hook-ups, you are also assured of easily finding gorgeous, amicable partners with whom you can easily and quickly begin to have an affair with.

Otherwise, the biggest challenge online often seems to be the never-ending saga of an endless chase that simply doesn’t seem to finish! On Affair Dating, you are assured of prompt hookup with a compatible yet safe partner whom you are comfortable having a hot, steamy affair with. Worried about your unconventional sexual orientation? Well, there is nothing that is unconventional to us here! So whether you are gay, bisexual, or simply bi-curious, you can still easily go ahead and find the perfect partner for yourself on Affair Dating. Remember, at Affair Dating, we take your privacy really very seriously. So at no point do you need to have any concerns about the details of your affairs being revealed. Overall, when it comes to having a safe and discreet affair on the side with a desirable partner of your choice, few other platforms can really match up to Affair Dating.

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Unique Features of The Free Affair Site

Affair Dating is loaded with premium features that make it a top of the line offering as far as online dating sites specifically meant for having affairs go. These include:


24/7 Customer Sevice

A premier feature of Affair Dating is 24/7 Customer Care. Therefore, at any time you need any assistance related to, say:

  • Setting up your account
  • Site features
  • Confirmation on any aspect related to the platform
  • Feedback or queries/concerns about a prospect you are looking to have an affair with

And so on…we are there to assist you every second of the way! So, without hesitation, you can easily reach out to us – we will be more than happy to assist you!


Success Stories

It is not for nothing that they say…proof of the pudding ALWAYS lies in the eating! In our case, a true testimony of the value we add in the lives of our members lies in the success stories which they share.

Being discreetly bisexual, I was eagerly looking for a hook up with a suitable partner in the vicinity, without ruffling any feathers in my marriage. While most other platforms fell short of my expectations, it was Affair Dating which ultimately came through on my requirements!

- Jane, South Carolina, USA

I was suffocating in my marriage – which I did not want to quit because of my three kids whom I truly adore. Affair Dating proved to be the perfect savior! I’ve never been more blissful since!

- Bill, Wisconsin, USA


Affair Video

In this video, we highlight astute features of Affair Dating which render it truly special, allowing it to stand head and shoulders above other dating sites in the fray. While a lot of other online dating affair sites promise the moon, they invariably fall woefully short of expectations. On Affair Dating though, you are assured of a transparent free affair site that quickly gets you going so that you find the ideal partner for an affair, with minimal fuss.

Again, as we shared in the previous section, the success stories we shared above amply showcase the value that we bring as far as affair dating and finding an affair goes. Gone are those days of endless “right swiping” – Affair Dating is here to ensure you find the ideal partner to have an affair with!


Privacy & Safety

The privacy and safety of our members is paramount. As a responsible dating affairs site, we are well aware of the immense accountability we have towards all our members. Accordingly, we affirm that:

  • Your personal details are 100% safe and secure with us in a foolproof manner.
  • Others get to see ONLY that information about yourself that you voluntarily choose to share on the platform.
  • As confirmed above, our Customer Care executives are on standby for you, 24/7, if you need any assistance related to Privacy & Safety.

FAQ of the Free Affair Site - Affair Dating

  • Q1. Can you explain the ‘Private Album’ feature to me?
  • A1. The ‘Private Album’ is where you share your photos privately. Once uploaded, you can choose members whom you would like to share photos in this album with.
  • Q2. How do I update my profile?
  • A2. Updating your profile on Affair Dating is really very simple. You simply need to navigate to the ‘My Profile’ section. There, you can click the ‘Pencil’ icon against each field on your profile which you wish to edit. Once done, click on ‘Save’ to ensure the updated information is saved.
  • Q3. I don’t seem to get ample responses or matches. Can you help?
  • A3. Sure, some tips which we can provide: Make sure you have a suitable, attractive profile picture. Profiles without a picture rarely get appropriate responses, if any. Be descriptive in your Bio with ample information about yourself and the kind of partner you are seeking. The more information you provide, the more likely you will get ample responses or matches.
  • Q4. Can I pause or delete my profile, especially once I have found a suitable match?
  • A4. Sure, you can pause or delete your profile anytime you wish. Simply navigate to the 'Settings' section where you will find links for either pausing or deleting your profile.

Tips for Dating Affairs on this Affair Site

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    When it comes to the dating game, we all want to succeed. In that quest, the tips we provide below should prove immensely effective:

    1. Be Honest

    Our first and sincere tip to you in the quest for affair dating success is to be honest. While this does not imply sharing all details of your personal life, it does mean being transparent about what your expectations are and what you have to offer to your prospective partner.

    Remember that when you are dishonest about these basics, chances of successful affair dating dwindle dramatically.

    2. Be Patient

    Like a lot of things in life, fruits of the dating affairs game invariably come better to those who are patient. Remember that it may take a while to find a match that really ticks all or most of your boxes. Till then, tinker around Affair Dating, without hesitating to correspond with as many profiles as you find close to your preference.

    3. Be Discrete

    Discretion on dating affairs platforms is a two-way street. Remember that others on the site also wish to remain as discrete about their clandestine affairs as you do. As a responsible member of Affair Dating, you must ensure not only your own discretion (to the extent that you wish to) but also that of other members, especially ones you are interacting with, and possibly getting close to.

Download the Affair Dating app

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The Affair Dating app is conveniently available for both iOS and Android platforms. Available completely FREE of cost – and with a small file size that will take very little space on your mobile device, the Affair Dating app is ideal for seeking out discreet hookups on the go.

Offering ALL the features you have come to love on the Affair Dating free affair site, the Affair Dating app is clearly a must-have as far as easily found an affair on your mobile device goes. Testimonies from members especially highlight the ease of navigation on the app, as well as the convenience of messaging folks already connected to one another.

Affairs give a special kick, as well as a much-needed distraction from our day-to-day life particularly when that becomes just too stuffy. Discreet hookups have not always been easy to fulfill; “right swiping” has not really proved particularly very effective. Instead, the need of the hour is a dedicated dating affairs site. Affair Dating clearly fits the bill on this front to the proverbial “t”. So go ahead, make the most of it; finding an affair for discreet hookups never seemed so easy until now!